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S.E.R.V.E. Homeschool Outreach

Homeschool Support Group in Metairie, LA

S.E.R.V.E. is a charitable non-profit 501c3 organization which offers yearly membership to ALL homeschooling families. Yearly membership (40.00) is used to enable us to provide things needed to aid in service projects. Embrace a Supportive Homeschooling Community with SERVE! **Searching for a vibrant and inclusive homeschooling community in the Greater New Orleans area and surrounding areas?** Look no further than SERVE Homeschool Outreach! This welcoming 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit fosters a nurturing environment where families across the region can learn, grow, and give back together. **SERVE's Core Values:** * **Thriving Together:** SERVE champions collaboration and provides support for your homeschooling journey, regardless of your approach, fostering a community of shared experiences and learning. * **Building Compassion:** SERVE offers service projects and community outreaches, allowing families to make a positive impact together and develop strong values. * **Inclusivity for All:** SERVE embraces diversity and welcomes all homeschoolers from the Greater New Orleans area and beyond to join their enriching environment. **SERVE's Extensive Offerings:** * **Educational Enrichment:** Broaden your child's horizons with field trips, park days, PE classes (both online and on-site!), and more. Exciting opportunities exist for families throughout the Greater New Orleans area. * **Engaging Activities:** Discover a variety of enriching events like multicultural fairs, teen events, game nights, parent nights out, and field days! No matter your location, SERVE offers something for everyone. * **Family Adventures:** Create lasting memories with family camping trips and exciting activities across the Greater New Orleans area. * **Student Growth:** Foster leadership through student council involvement, clubs, and dances. Let their creativity shine at the science fair and masquerade ball! SERVE caters to students of all ages in the region. * **Parental Support:** SERVE empowers parents with curriculum giveaways, connection events, and homeschool conferences. They also offer parental support groups to navigate your homeschooling journey, regardless of your location within the Greater New Orleans area. **SERVE's Open Arms:** Whether you're a member or not, SERVE extends its resources and events to the entire homeschooling community in the Greater New Orleans area. Explore their dedicated "open to all" section to discover the wealth of opportunities available! **SERVE's Philosophy:** SERVE believes in the strength of a unified homeschooling community. They actively foster positive relationships with all homeschool groups across the Greater New Orleans area. **Ready to Join the SERVE Family?** Visit their website to explore their extensive offerings and embark on a rewarding homeschooling adventure with SERVE!

S.E.R.V.E. Homeschool Outreach
City: Metairie
State: LA
Country: US
Website: Click Here
Phone: 504-356-3573
Email: Click Here to Email this Group

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