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Edison SteamworksStudio

Homeschool Support Group in Edison, NJ

We are parents who are DIY & Making enthusiasts, programmers, teachers, professors who have a deep interest in promoting skills to children (4 Yrs+) to have a lifelong interest in making and Science (STEAM) such as: 1. ROBOTICS (Lego Bots, EV3, VEX) 2. 3D PRINTING & Modelling (AutoCAD, SolidWorks) 3. APPLIED ELECTRONICS DIY (Squishy Circuits. Arduino, Raspberry PI & Soldering applications) 4. Programming (JAVA, PYTHON, JavaScript) 5. Flight (Glider, R/C Airplanes, Quad-copters, Rocketry) 6. Hands-On Chemistry (Liquid Nitrogen, all about fires, Scentology etc.) 7. Digital and Traditional Arts (Manga, Painting, Sewing, Embroidery) 8. Animation (Maya, Blender) 9. Game Design (Java, MINECRAFT, SCRATCH) Join us every Friday evening FREE Open house & Workshops or Weekends Sat/Sun 10 am-6 pm. Address: 3826 Park Avenue ,Suit 103, Edison NJ 08820 Phone: 732(800) 1977

Edison SteamworksStudio
City: Edison
State: NJ
Country: US
Website: Click Here

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